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pacman journal entries for 2005-08-07

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7:30AM [[ intro ]]

so yeah i'm not going to do anything more than introduce this project at this time. dustin and i agreed to compete at something - make our own version of pacman. we're going to stick to the rules of the original, and we're going to have until the end of august to have something working and (hopefully) bug-free. we're both going to use c# and winforms to pull the thing off.

i'm using this project as a lesson in discipline for myself. it could be that the single biggest reason i haven't completed anything i've attempted, is that i wasn't concentrating on what i should have been concentrating on through most of my attempts at development. i've also had a problem with not wanting to have to redo anything; and i know i'm going to have to redo things, likely several times over. i need to force myself to deal with that fact in my own projects.

the last thing i'll make a note of right now is the somewhat different format of this section of the journal. i'm timestamping so that when i come back and go over my progress, i can see when i start to get bogged down and how badly it slows me. lets hope i can learn something from this. i'm also keeping the work i do on this seperate from the rest of the journal, as i want to see if its a better idea to do the journal by project instead of having a single day journal entry with miscellaneous postings. there isn't a need to jump around looking for each bit of a similar topic this way.

we'll see if i can't get something done after i get up from my after-work nap.
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