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The Case / IGF

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Greetings People =D

So, it has long been the want for me to give everyone deeply involved in the project a nice Limited Edition physical copy of Morning's Wrath.

I invisioned a box (don't we all) however I came to realize that box design and printing is exceptionally prohibitive (too damn expensive), so I have come up with an alternative.

I purchased a 64 dollar Lexmark color inkjet printer,Some glossy cd labels,(should have also gotten glossy paper), and a pack of DVD cases.

Here is the current result:(the camcorder shots dont do it justice =/)

I think it came out rather well, however, I did not use gloss paper for the front, and it really shows when compared with the CD Label, I will be fixing this very shortly =D

Also, I will be desinging art for the back of the case as well (screenshots and etc.)

On another unrealted note, a lot of people have been saying that we should enter Morning's Wrath into the IGF, does anyone else think this is a good idea? Why?

Comments! please =)
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Recommended Comments

Looks good. You can list your game on amazon if you have a UPC bar-code.

You can get 'em cheap at www.buyabarcode.com.

Be sure to post your marketing adventures. I need to learn from your mistakes when Duck Tiles hits the streets :)

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IGF? Why not! Even if you didn't win anything, it would still be loads of fun, man. Plus, it's great press for the game.


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Might be a good idea to do that *hmmm*

ROFL nothing like (you go first Raymond).

I will definetly be posting about that =D

Comments on the IGF?

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Because You have absolutely -NOTHING- to lose and a -LOT- to gain from submitting this project into the IGF. Speaking from experience, testing the game and looking at other submissions, there is no reason to even consider this project "Not Good Enough". Not that I am anybody special, but I have "faith" in the project as a whole. Very well designed, eye catching, fun, challenging and just all around interesting enough to make you want to play more to see what comes next.

EDIT: As I read others Dev Journals, I came across this...

I think you said it the best in Miths Journal.
Life's to short to not try and leave your mark on the world.

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Having watched Jenna play a couple times, I definitely don't see why you shouldn't send it to IGF!

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Comments on the IGF?
Free passes to the GDC.

Most of which will be spent standing in front of your IGF booth.

Almost guaranteed obscurity if you win or you don't. Check the other winners and finalists if you don't believe me.

Free food at the awards ceremony.

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Sounds like a good idea,

I'll need to give it a bit more thought but I guess I don't see why not.

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