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## Change? WHERE?!

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Okay so it's a bit apparently I made a few minor changes to my journal...

If you all as a whole don't like it, let me know and i'll put it back. And damnit I can't get rid of the blue lines on top of the header without killing the background on the "Comments" bar below the posts.

And I stole Washu's logo idea/html stuff. Thanks Washu.

EDIT: I also changed my icon to have lava behind it and gave the journal a new description.
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I made my own logo and just overlayed it using Washu's method. It's using positional CSS. I haven't really flipped through Washu's HTML that I copied. It doesn't work right in IE and I'm sure I could fix it if I gave a damn about IE. If you check out the source, you'll see. It's right after my #ifndef stuff in the header. I just made my own and put it on top of the original.

EDIT: If this made no sense or didn't answer the question, I apologize, as i've had some drinks tonight.

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