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I was playing around with the AI today when I noticed something strange. Everytime I would start a new game, the AI would start moving in the same formation. I thought this was strange, because the way in which I wrote the AI makes it so that the starting formation is random. I realized that I had forgotton to call srand(), so the AI was acting the same the whole time. Now the AI behaves differently everytime I play, which was what I wanted.

I was at a local EB yesterday, looking at the PC games section, when I found it. You're probably wondering what it is. Well, there I was standing face to face with:

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

If you don't know why this was suprising, check this out. Even more appaling then the fact that was its price. $20!. It is kindof hard to believe that the worst game in the history of gaming is $20.00, while the sequal to Deus Ex, a good game, is only $10. I guess it might be because it is rare, but still...

I'm also suprised to know that most of the games I currently am waiting for are from Nintendo. Games I'm looking forward to:

Battalion Wars
Advance Wars: Dual Strike
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Burnout Revenge

I'd also like to play this Gundam game, but it appears to be Japan only[sad].

It's too bad that games like this don't come out during the summer, but that is to be expected.
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I bet Big Rigs is doing well just because people are buying it as joke presents or just to laugh at. I'm looking forward to the new Zelda game too, I was enjoying wind walker until my memory card broke wiping my save game.

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Gotta Love Advance Wars. That Battalion Wars game looks interesting too, too bad I don't have a GameCube[crying].

Looking at games like Big Rigs makes me feel better about my games.

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Ah, the Wind Waker. I remember it well. I spent 8 hours straight going through one of the dungeons (the "wind temple" I think it was called).

That dungeon had me so stressed out, I was absolutely covered in sweat. [grin] Those were the good days.

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