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Beginning my RPG project

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NOTE: This journal is empty because I'm turning over a new leaf. I wasn't too impressed with my old stuff, as I intend for this journal to be somewhat of a portfolio with the occasional rant, and the old stuff was ugly.

If you missed the previous entries, I am working on a 2D role-playing game in the vein of Chrono Trigger. It will probably run in a 320 * 240 resolution with 8-bit color, for entirely stylistic reasons (I believe that less realistic graphics add imagination).

I'm programming the game engine now. The current part of it that I'm programming is the Image class. The image class is designed to wrap SDL_Surface* and add Saving, Loading, and Displaying. I have already created the savers. I also created my own uncompressed image format called .aipb .

I will update this with any progress.
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Sounds like fun! It also sounds a lot like what I am trying do (although I am aiming for the simpler "Dragon Warrior" style game)

Keep us updated to your progress!

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Thanks, I will! Also, I love Dragon Warrior so I'll be checking the showcase every now and then for yours :)

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