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Man and machine! Power Xtreme!

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So I have to write what courses I'm taking here in Brazil and kinda justify them to my school in Sweden... Which is pretty hard since they f'ed up my application, putting me with the bachelors people even though I'm taking my master. Thus giving me acess to some funky non-computerish courses. Especially this semester...

Semester 1
* Introduction to graphics programming
* Languages and compilers
* General concepts of automation
* Real-time business

Semester 2
* Management, Quality and Technology of Software
* ? (can't remember the name, I'll update later)
* Creation and administration of computer companies
* Psychology of the Personality: the perspective of the critic theory of the society
* The analytic psychology of Carl G. Jung
* Loving Relationship: Theory and Research

Also, I'll need to make up a name for this ... specialization. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) was my first choice, but the psychology courses makes this deeper than that. So Man and Machine seemed like a cool name! But now when I'm writing this... how the heck do I fit in the business courses in that?! >_<
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just call it "The Mythical Man-Machine Month" ;) if you didn't get the joke search for "Mythical Man Month".

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