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A Quick Question....

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

This isn't my main entry for today, but I've got a quick question for you guys. For all of you guys who have played A20, would you prefer to have a throttle so that you can set what speed you are flying at, or would you like to keep the current boost/airbrake system that's in the game right now? Anyways, please let me know what you guys think, I'll have a bigger entry later tonight.

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Boost/Airbrake. Managing the speed like in a flight sim takes my mind off the controls.

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I came up with this idea: You start at regular speed, up arrow increases your speed, and the longer you hold it down the faster you go. The throttle setting you chose would be maintained(you wouldn't have to keep pressing up) until you tapped the airbrake, which would send you back to default 'normal' speed. The airbrake would other than that function the same way.

Hopefully that was clear enough to understand (I tried to explain this idea to Thomas, but I don't think he understood)
-Mark the Artist

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Well, i don't think that this game need anything more complex like it is now. But if Sir Sapo could biuld this speed system we could try and say which is better/more suited.

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