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Too many distractions

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Afternoon all...

Managed to get onto the internet-connected PC today, so thought I'd have a look around and see if I can catch up on whats-what in the world of DirectX.

EDIT: Seems that in forum-land we have some new moderators. Congrats to them. Because both were above me in the stats, I seem to have shuffled up a few places because they've been moved to the special list... which is odd as my lack of posting caused me to get leapfrogged by quite a few regulars last I checked. Next up is Mushu. [grin]

Sadly I haven't got anything useful done lately - and it's really annoying me.

Still working on that small HLSL bug which I've narrowed down to the normals being incorrectly transformed thus giving stupid lighting results. Gonna tear it out and start again this afternoon.

That is provided I get left alone to do some work. As much as I love my family, I'm really starting to appreciate living in a different house [grin]... Far too many distractions here, and I thought GDNet forums were bad [headshake]

Might try and get some NeXe articles written up this weekend. Been a while since I submitted anything [oh]

Spotted a news story on Toms Hardware : F-Secure claims discovery of first Windows Vista virus. Not that I think it matters much at this stage, but I'm sure it's "perfect" ammunition for the Windoze/M$ bashers on the net [rolleyes]
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...ammunition for the Windoze/M$ bashers on the net

Bleh. I've already read so many rants about that virus and a lot more about the degrade of performance for OpenGL (http://www.opengl.org/).

Of course there is always a hype when a new version of windows comes out, but it only takes a few months before that wears off and people just suck it up and adapt to the new environment... Or run to linux. :)

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