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Good Progress

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I got CyberBox to the point where it'll play the first level correctly, so that's something.

With games like these, while there is a lot of non-game specific code that is used(rendering, tile plotting and scrolling math, etc), most of the game itself is in "Board::MoveToken". I still have not implemented the pushers, but as I have already implemented the pushing ability of the token, it'll mostly be cut, paste, and tweak.

Now it's just a matter of getting the boardset loading(PopCap's XML parser is a joke) and browsing features completed, the intuitive ui for managing it all, the help files, putting in sounds, the minimap, the editing mode.

And then I have to have it Hattanized, during which I will find out what I did wrong. Once the game has been purified in the flames of Hattanization, it will be Quality.
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Is the Hattanization process free of charge? I would like my game nitpicked by the best.

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Hattanization has never cost me anything financially, but does require that when, from time to time, Hattan will send me a link to something he is working on for testing, I do my best to break the game, and report how I broke it.

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