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Getting stuff done!

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So this morning was my last bit of overtime! Now I can get back to the important things in life.

So today I wrote a function to convert image resources into OpenGL textures. It handles all the basic texture formats directly, but it can't handle deep conversions (ie: image formats that have out-of-order color channels or unsupported bit depths). For those I'll have to parse the image channels one-by-one, looking for OpenGL compatible channels. Then I'll have to use a conversion buffer and pack the compatible channels in with their bit-depths scaled as necessary. I also wrote the framework for a function for converting mesh resources to OpenGL vertex buffer objects.

If you're interested, this is what an image resource looks like. Its simply a structure used to access image data in a format independent manner. It works in the same way for other resource types.

struct res_image
struct res_image_size
unsigned x, y;
} size;
unsigned num_channels;
struct res_image_channel
enum res_image_channel_type
res_image_channel_type_red = 0x0001,
res_image_channel_type_green = 0x0002,
res_image_channel_type_blue = 0x0004,
// ...
res_image_channel_type_lum = 0x0400,
res_image_channel_type_pow = 0x0800,
res_image_channel_type_exp = 0x1000
} type;
unsigned depth;
} *channels;
void *els;

As far as modelling goes, I took MustEatYemen's comments to heart and made some changes to the female form. Her foot is shorter, her calves are thinner, her hips and butt are more defined, and her chest and back are more reasonable. I also made a quick head shape without any features (yet) and started the arms. I'll be working on her some more tonight, so check back for an updated entry in 5 or so hours.

Oh and I offset her from the origin so I won't get any more comments [razz].

Looking at that last shot she seems hunched over. I'll need to fix that.

I'll leave you with some piggies for good luck: [pig][pig][pig][pig]
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