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pacman journal entries for 2005-08-13

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8:09pm [[ ghost house ]]

i put a bit of thought into the ghost house, and i think i have all aspects of it cleared up. for one thing, at the start of the level or on new life reset, three ghosts are put into the house and blinky is put outside the front door. the ghosts will wait a period of time before one comes out of the house, and when they get out, they go right into scatter mode. blinky's going to start in scatter mode too.

when the ghosts return to the house after they've been eaten (eyes mode), the ghost will immediately exit in normal chase mode, but will be set to scatter as at the start of a new level. when the ghosts have to return to the house, they set their target to the front of the house and enter the house immediately upon reaching the target. they get to ingnore the wall when they go in, as well as when they leave. this is the only time this is allowed.

all thats left now from what i see is the level/new life startup and gameover.
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