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Very surreal weekend. I was supposed to be meeting up with someone on Saturday afternoon to go and see a film or something, but she had to cancel as she didn't have a way of getting there. So I was up before noon on a Saturday with the whole weekend stretched out in front of me.

I've spent most of it trying to get the Visual Studio Team Foundation server working. And not succeeded yet. It's a right bloody arse... the installation procedure is generally very fault-intolerant, and tends to do things like not correctly roll things back when you cancel half-way through, causing more issues the next time you try running it.

Meanwhile, my brother invites over a gay friend of his and a lesbian couple. They hang around downstairs drinking and playing board games, my brother and his friend cook while the lesbians make out. They seem to do a lot of that. My brother gave them his bed to sleep in last night and I think they were fucking in it. My brother doesn't seem to mind though. I've so far avoiding walking in on them doing stuff... see if I make it to the end of the day. They're cool gals though - one of them played my guitar properly, which it doesn't get nearly enough.
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...one of them played my guitar properly, which it doesn't get nearly enough.

Since you prefaced this by saying that they were lesbians, I guess this can't be taken as sexual innuendo [grin]?

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