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My new job

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Well, much to my surprise a couple weeks ago I got an email from one of the profs at my uni telling me a TA job opened up for this fall! So, I jumped on that as soon as I could and for whatever reason they're letting me be a teacher's assistant this fall! God help the students.

Anyway, this is exactly the type of job I was hoping for, it pays really well (compared to what I usually make), and it also pays for my tuition! So I basically, assuming I don't screw it up, get to go to grad school for free! I'm pretty excited about that.

The class I'll be TAing is Discrete Math, which is the first CS math course where they learn things like recursion, probability, counting methods, blah blah. I'll have to review it myself, but I got a good grade when I took it so I'm not too worried.

The way it works is I'll be running a recitation. This is where students show up kinda like a regular class and ask questions about lecture, homework, whatever. I'm there to help them digest the material basically, and occasionally, according to my teacher I'll be TAing for, present some lecture material. Also, it is during this time that tests will be scheduled, which is unusual for a recitation period but this class is set up differently than most. My other responsibilities will be grading the homework and having office hours where students can come talk to me on a more one on one environment.

All and all I'm pretty freaked out, I'm actually a very reserved, and even shy person, I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into, but I couldn't pass it up. This is sort of a sink or swim situation, and I've decided it's something I need (not just because of the money), so I'm looking forward to the experience, I think it will be helpful for the future.

Has anyone else done something like this? Any tips? Wish me luck, orientation is this Thursday!
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