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Testing... 1... 2.. crash..... 3?

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Mornings Wrath
Well, all of yesterday and early today I have been helping out Raymond over at EDI doing some hardcore testing of his game Mornings Wrath. As you may already know, after we all droped some motivation on him to submit his game to the Independent Game Festival, he is. That basically means he is officially in crunch mode to get everything -that much more- better before the BETA submissions are due Sept 6th.

We had a great day yesterday seeking out some great finds as far as bugs and fixes and we also spoke a lot about some great little tweeks that will add to the players experience when the player steps foot in Mornings Wrath. All in all, a -very- productive weekend for Mornings Wrath and it is coming along really well.

Aside from the testing, This game has sucked me in hardcore. Not only do I find myself not hesitating to jump into the world to attempt to gain all the artifacts(solving puzzles) & attempting to defeat some of the hyped up monsters (after Raymond tweeks the hell out of them! ;\ ) with some wild magic, but even after I recieve an updated beta copy that erases my entire save file, I am still eager as hell to create a new game and adventure out again.

Tested yesterday for a good solid 11 hours so tonight is strictly coding night! LOL.

I have been taking TraderJacks advice on downloading/studying source code from completed classic arcade games such as Pong/Breakout/Space Invaders and I am basically taking the bare minimum, replicating the code I read, and putting it into my compiler and attempting to compile/run it. That way I can follow along as if I were doing it from ground zero. I dont know if thats the best way, but If I get my hands on a well structured games source code, I can only see it being helpfull.

Game Developer: Career Guide 2005
I know I have awhile, but I decide to grab a copy of this anyway to get some reading in. They had an interesting 'Day in the life of' article in there that went through a Programmers workday that was pretty interesting. Yeah. its programming, but I didnt know some places work in 'pairs' while they program.

Also had a really good read, "So you want to be a Game Programmer? How to get out of college and into games!". A lot of it I already figured, since this is game development and we all know that its a rough ride unless you are just born gifted and you can code like ... like .. >insert something funny here<

It also had the 2004 salary report for those who are interested.

>steps into the darkness<
And, I, am, Spent.

return 0;
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What you are doing with source code is awesome stuff. Keep it up, and soon, by reading able-bodied code, you should be able to duplicate the techniques with ease.


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