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Sir Sapo


Hey everybody!

Sorry, its been 2 days since my last update, my damn internet was blatantly refusing to work. You'd think that without GDnet (which I've grown an incredible addiction to) to distract me, I'd actually do a lot of stuff for Angels 20, but incredibly, I really haven't done much.

Thing #1: Flak Vehicles
This has been done for a while, but until yesterday, there wasn't much flexibility in the system. We're hoping to have 3 different types of armed ground vehicles that you can have on the levels.

-Flak Truck: pretty much a moving light flak bunker
-Flak Panzer: a slow moving heavily armored medium bunker
-Rocket Truck: a slow moving truck that fires unguided rockets

These vehicles spawn from special tiles on the map, and move like the repair truck. Here's a screen of an assload of vehicles and bunkers firing at me:

Thing #2: Air Start

Really not much behind this one, pretty much just allows you to set if the player starts flying in the level when the mission loads. Handy for missions where we don't want resupply bases.

Thing #3: Gun Pod

This is a weapon I just added to the game. It's pretty much a cannon that shoots slower, but does more damage than you're automatic gun on the plane. The shots are also parabolic, and can destroy tiles.

Thing #4: Bouncy Triangles

Mark and I thought that it was too hard to distinguish if a supply base could be landed on, so I put this little bouncing triangle over the pad. You can't tell from here, but it's bouncing.

I also messed with how the bullets looked in game. Jnz86 recommended I look at how Soldat did bullets, and I think I have a good idea on what to do now. The bullets will be long triangles that fade out as the get closer to whatever fired them. It sounds wierd, but i think it will look good.

Anyways, I have to go now, so I'll talk to you guys later.

Angels 20 Feature WorkList
-An Actual Front-End Menu
-A Map of the Level on the HUD
-Good MIG AI
-Destructable Tiles
-A checklist of enemies on the level
-Repair Trucks that actually have to stop to repair stuff
-Ground Vehicles that can shoot at you
-More weapons (ie. Napalm, Cluster Bombs, etc)
-Fully Automatic Gun
-Forward Supply Bases
-More mission parameters (ie. timelimits , targets , etc)

Dont Forget To Try Out The Newest Version Of Angels 20

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Very good idea with the bouncing arrows, I can definitely see how easy you mis-observe the landing pad. Kudos on that one.

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I've come up with a list of my own for the game, it's mostly minor stuff for the hud, but I think they're important:

Worklist of things Sir Sapo forgot to put into the worklist
-Random Mirrored tiles to increase variety
-Weapon stock on carrier indicator
-Fix carrier weapon select screen
-Integrate new Weapon Select screen
-Small image of weapon for remaining ammo

-Mark the Artist

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