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Gang War Update

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I've been working a lot on all parts of the game, starting to bring it together.

Current areas of focus:
- Optimization options (Draw distance for humans, vehicles, world, objects, texture quality, etc.)
- Robust vehicle pathfindings, I'm doing my final pass on the vehicles...they function like a "transport" in any other RTS. More on this later.
- Mini map
- Finalizing Inventory functionality
- End-of-day/End-of-Game summary screens
- Property managment (looks like I can't have civilians walking into shops generating income for each shop, in my first IGF submission, I'm doing a simulated income for each business right now).
- Car dealership window.

The list of small things I'm tweaking goes on and on, these are the more important details.

Today I finished up the mini-map and the Gangster Recruitment Window. I tell ya, if I could do it again I would include two-dimensional-sortable-arrays-of-things into the group of standard controls I created (button, text box, combo-box, check-box, etc.) as seen in this screenshot, woulda saved me some time:

Here's a screenshot of one of the drug-hungry-womanizing-street-bums that you'll have to encounter as you try to take over the city, they are a formidable breed -

Manditory gratuitous lens-flare screenshot -

Your territory from above...in all it's 800x600 glory -

I also posted a couple of new composite screens on my homepage...I'll post those here...most of these pics are old and have already been posted in the journal.
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