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Well, just a little over 10 hours ago, I finished a 34 hour marathon session on the last three chapters of my book. Sorry for not updating, but this has been the week that was: I was behind on writing because of bugs in the program, and I started a new job. So my week has consisted of working 8 hours in the day, then working 8 hours at night.

If nothing else, it shows me that I'll probably be able to pull a lot of weight for Straylight. [rolleyes]

You can't BELIEVE how psyched I am to get this thing "in the can." If I weren't flat out broke, I'd be celebrating... (maybe next week, when the check from the publisher comes in [grin])

Straylight Update

Nothing really focused this week. I'm going to look at setting a goal for recruiting and locking some of the more risky design elements. I also plan to dive into Torque character viewer tool as soon as I get some cash.
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Aaah! So that's why you have been so quiet on the Game Design forum [grin]
Well, congrats, and when are we gonna get a look at this book, then?

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Hey ahw!!!!

Well, I believe we'll be out by the end of this year. I'll post a cover shot as soon as I get it!

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