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Race for the prize

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I am racing to get MW into good shape for the IGF,

last weekend saw the rise to beta version 6, which fixes and adds lots of nice new things:

  • One-Click-Battle(prevents mouse death and fustration)
  • Dual-Battle(hack somone to death AND cast behind you for protection)
  • Body Cleanup(dead bodies fade away, reducing system overhead)
  • Tuning(tweaks to enemy stats and battle tactics)
  • Improved SpellBook logic
  • Color Coded Stats(stats now are color coded to reflect augmentation or state)
  • Enemy hurt sounds
  • better placement of potions
  • Puzzle fixes

    All of these fixes were made possible from the undying awesomeness of ildave1, who tested MW for about 10 hours straight on Saturday. He deserves some serious caek!

    Here is what I want to acomplish for the IGF:

  • Cleaner Final Battle(this is a must)
  • Cinematics(both the intro and credits)
  • A help screen(might end up being HTML =/)
  • Better/More spell casting SFX

    I am going to try and get these acomplished this week, which will be a mammoth task, given that I have a day job, but! this is crunch time! Make or Break!

    Wish me luck!!! =D
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    Good luck, really! Actually, if my game is done mid-november, I'm submitting it to student showcase. Even though it might not match up to all of the college kids doing 3D puzzlers, I figure I'd be the first high-school entrant for a long time, and that might sway alittle something in my favor.


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