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Sick of the sickness

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I hate being sick. It really sucks, big time. Especially at this time in matric. I only took one day off and already I've missed a truckload of work. I'm still sick and if miss anymore days of school then it will be the end of me!

My school projects have taken the bulk of my time so I haven't really gotten 'round to doing any work on my RTS. Hopefully, however, these are all about to be completed.(well a couple of weeks at most) I decided, with help from Salsa of the Visual Arts forum, to do the program art completely in 3D and just keep the camera in a fixed(I'm still debating if I should though) starcraft-style position.

Here's a good question: Have any of you tried to make a design document for a program after you've made the program. I have to do this for my projects. It's kind of weird putting goals down when you already accomplished and putting 'impossible goals' down you already relagated this to the history books.

Original post by Ravel
"What can change the nature of a man?"
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