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I guess it's been awhile since I've updated this, huh...

Okay, well, life update: I've moved into an oncampus university residence for two weeks (I'm in Edmonton, on a co-op work term. Hometown is Calgary, ~300km away) to top off my term, and then it's back to Calgary. I'll finally get around to finishing my paper, no doubt of that. Why you may ask?

So, I'm currently posting this at work over lunch.

hum, what else...oh, how about some quickie thoughts on Carmack's keynote?
B-O-O-O-R-I-N-G. It was basically an hour long rant on console development, and he didn't even show any shots of iDNext! Come ON! One thing's for sure: I won't be dissecting it ten times over like I did with the QC2004 keynote. That was actually interesting, especially since I absolutely CANNOT imagine him choosing to do 2048x2048 shadow maps. Even he admits that they look OKAY, (with hardware linear filtering...) but the performance at that res is TERRIBLE! Slightly crazy if you ask me...

Also, helped raise a small shitstorm over at Raven when I told Sages, who told the project leader, news of a supposed Quake 4 leak. Thankfully it was fake, although it would've been nice to try it out before release (*wink wink to Sages, Nitro, and rhummer...* :-P ).

And to close, how about some graphic's thoughts. I've decided to reevaluate how I'm going to do environment mapping. I'm STILL not sure how exactly how I'm going to do it, which isn't helped by the fact that I want some pretty shit-hot results, i.e. almost perfect reflection, so that objects touching the envmapped object have the reflection in the right place. I talked with Drillian a few days ago about this on IRC, specifically thinking about how to get 360d envmapping on an object that has a predominant planar side (for example, one of those huge board room tables with the flat top but round edges). I'm on the edge of giving up, but before doing that I want to see exactly what the results would be on doing simple per-object skewbe maps, and determine if it's satisfactory or not. Right now, I'll probably have some system where I literally combine classic planar reflections (with a bit of warping due to the surface normal) and skewbe mapping, by identifying before rendering a frame what the dominant reflection plane is (either predefined or generated on the fly). A table would likely be predefined, but if you have something like a car, a glancing plane on the car's BB would be used instead, because that'd be hardest for a skewbemap to simulate, plus the Fresnel-modified reflectance would make that plane more obvious, necessitating increased clarity. The only issue I foresee with this is somehow getting skewbemap and planar reflection continuity, so that there isn't some line where the environment lookup suddenly changes. And I do realize that that is far easier said than done :-)

So, there you go. Next time I post I'll probably have the next iteration of my skewbe paper up, and will have cleaned up the source code of my program for the publication. It's not like I'll have anything else to do at home...
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