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## Konfabu I DON'T GIVE A FUCK

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Okay so today I'd like to talk about something called Konfabulator. Yes, we all know what it is. And if you don't, it's a program that allows you to keep widgets on your desktop, such as the weather, or battery level, or other odds and ends.

Now. My question is .... WHY. How often do you sit there and stare at your desktop? What is the point of such a useless thing? Okay, lets install a program on our computer that wastes cycles updating things that we will never see because we have numerous full screen applications running on top of all my fancy widgets!

I have a dual monitor setup at home and at work, and on BOTH computers, BOTH monitors *always* have a full screen application on them. Multiple full screen apps, even. If I don't have full screen apps running on them, I'm probably not at my computer, thus, don't fucking care what's currently displayed on my precious widgets!

Let's take a look at the first few widgets at Widget Gallery.

Classic memory: Right. A game in a widget. I can possibly see some use for this, but I'd rather do something else. Verdict: Use it a couple times, throw it away.

eBay Widget: Because having your browser open on your "My eBay" page isn't enough, we need to have a widget telling us what the last 12 searches on eBay were for. Verdict: Stupid/Useless.

Buzztracker: I don't know what this is. Verdict: I'm going to assume stupid since it just looks useless.

Showtime: We all need constantly updating movie times on our desktop, right? Especially since they DONT FUCKING CHANGE UNTIL MOVIE RELEASE DAY... Just open your damn browser and go to Fandango on Friday or something and get the movie times. Verdict: Stupid/Useless.

Battery Bezel: Doesn't windows have one of these already, just not as pretty and not as hard on CPU usage? Verdict: Stupid/Useless.

Alcohol Calculator: BRB my widget says I need to check the beer in the fucking brewery in my attic. Verdict: Retarded.

Well i'm tired of looking at these widgets. And you're probably tired of me bitching. The point is, this is just a stupid program/idea that quickly loses it's novelty. I didn't even have to install it before I got tired of it. I just got tired of looking at it on my coworkers' computers. It's a stupid fad just like blogging and podcasting. I'm going to get to work making a widget that has strippers. I'm going to put VirtuaGirl out of business. See ya.
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I love rants like these :).

To be honest, I actually use Konfabulator. I have a few widgets such as the big clock with an alarm system (so I don't get off track doing something when I should be doing something productive), a stock-ticker (I have a few hundred dollars invested, and it takes too long to look them up individually), system resources meters, hard drive space meters, and my own widget that displays what song I'm playing on my desktop.

I too have dual monitors, but as opposed to you, I rarely have full-screen apps on my second monitor (only a few at most, usually only a web browser and iTunes when I'm coding).

To each their own I guess.

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Why would you possibly care to have your current song on your desktop? Seriously, you already know what you're listening to :p

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I like to have my current song on my desktop because I listen to a lot of internet radio, therefore it tells me what the hell I am listening to without having to right-click on the iTunes icon. [grin]

Other than that, I usually keep all of the widgets in the background and just hit F8 to bring them up. There are some more useful widgets (I seem to remember a few hex calculators and programming gadgets) than the other crap.

TBH I don't use Konfabulator all that much, just once per day to check the weather and the GDNet news, and most of the day to track my CPU usage and temperature.

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I don't know how Konfabulator handles it, but the Dashboard in OSX Tiger has been likened to it. The Dashboard widgets are configured but don't occupy screenspace until you toggle them on. They don't run in the background either. It's awesome to be able to toggle them on and off with a keystroke or mouseclick for stuff like the weather, calculator, stock ticker, and even a multi-lingual translator. Perhaps the widgets you saw weren't very useful to you? I'd use a movie finder though, especially if it meant not having to switch pages or open a new browser and nagivate 2 or 3 pages just to be able to enter the info.

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