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Colin Jeanne


Way back in June I applied for a web designer job at UC Berkeley. After more than a month without reply I figured that they had forgotten about me [sad] But about two weeks ago I got an email acknowledging my application and asking me for an interview!

My interview was on Friday and they asked me to bring a portfolio but since I hadnt had any designer work in the past I could only show them personal websites. Oh well. I fixed up and old design to show along with my current website. I put them online and I also copied the necessary files to my trusty USB jump drive just in case.

OH GOD! The scariest thing EVAR happened during my interview! It was time for me to show them my two designs and so I navigated Safari to my site and my host was having some weird problem. I couldnt get to my site to show my stuff! OHNO OHNO OHNO!! Lucky for me I thought about that just in case kind of time and copied everything I needed to that jump drive. USB drives are my savior.

I found out today that I got the job [smile]

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I recently got a job programming simulations at a small (but often contracted) company. Finally having a job in the computer industry is exciting :).

Good luck to you and your endeavors. How old are you btw?

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