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What is this, "widget's" purpose in life? I've heard the term widget, but I never hunted to see what it means/does.

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You go to:

And download the Konfabulator, which is basically the engine that you need that'll run widgets.

There are a lot of widgets. Some look like clocks, some look like calendars, some check the weather or have a todo list or show stock quotes.

I notice, when looking at these, that there were relatively few games(there was a poker game and a memory game).

This version of CTYR took about 180 lines, and probably would have taken fewer if I had used attributes instead of subtags in the XML.

I was just checking out the "platform", if you want to call it that. It is simple enough to program for, but from what I've seen, it'd be practically impossible to protect your work from getting copied, because .widget files are really nothing more than .zip files with the extension changed, and the widget itself is scripted in an .xml file (renamed to a .kon file) and .js files.

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