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Well I went and did it. . . should've known!

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I knew this would happen . ..

I got sidetracked with something else and havent touched anything programming related for a few weeks...

*bangs head against wall*

Can anyone recommend me some kind of supplement to increase concentration?

Oh before I lost interest though I did successfully go through an SDL tutorial . . at which point I decided my C++ is finally good enough to go for directX - I dont see the point in learning too much SDL as none of my game ideas really work in 2D..

So I've started on directX, I've just made my blank window display a blue background :O

The major point is it all makes sense to me now, whereas before it was just meaningless code.

Time to get serious now!

I'll be working through "Beginning game engine programming" - as i'd prefer a base-up knowledge of things.

So making games is a long way off for now . . .
I dunno .. maybe directX tetris and such . . but even that could wait until i've got a basic engine built. .

Anyway . . .. Lets see how long i last this time before i get distracted. .
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Sounds like you are headed on the right track although I wouldn't necessarily recommend designing an engine as your first task.

IMO, I think it's better to make those games like Tetris, Breakout, or Pong first to get a basic feel for the flow of a game. Sure, they will use non-reusable proprietary "engines" but you learn basic principles of making a game that reading a book may not be able to teach you. Also, jumping into engine development right off the bat may bore you a bit because there is a lot of work done with little to show.

If you begin making a game instead, you will be able to toy around with collision detection, texturing, cameras, lighting, etc. Don't get me wrong, you would get there eventually if you were to develop the engine, but I think it might bore/confuse you up until that point.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Good luck either way!


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Good point actually. . . I think you're probably right considering how my attention span is these days...

I've been training myself back into nerd-mode though! - It's been a while. . .and alot of beer has been drunk between now and the good ole' days of sitting in front of the keyboard 24/7. .. but I'm starting to go pale again and expecting a full "recovery" soon :)

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