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Not a clue in the world have I

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QuakeCon was last weekend.

It was about three miles from my house as the crow flies. If I stood on a ladder on my roof, I could probably see the mega-hotel where it was being held.

Oh well. I probably should've done the press thing, if only to do a "how many freebies can one get at QuakeCon" piece and to once again try to figure out why all the kids idolize that guy who wrote it.

Maybe next year.

I played Quake a couple of times. It seemed a little monotonous.
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The problem is that you're too nice of a guy to jump online and kill people. The online play was what made that game rock (IMHO).

That and GLQuake. I still have piss shivers from the day I bought my voodoo1 and fired up GLQuake for the first time.

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