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More work on clouds

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I've implemented cyclones and the Corriolis effect on clouds. In both cases it's basically a matter of rotating the noise vector around an axis before getting the noise values. As usual, getting good parameters is tricky.. i've also fixed the opacity of the atmosphere at low altitudes (but still seen from space), it's now less thick/more realistic.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, i will try to get multiple planets in the same scene. The effects of the atmosphere color of a planet, as seen from the atmosphere of another one, will be.. challenging.

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Wow man, that looks great. You never cease to amaze me!

BTW, do you have a link to download your demo? I'd just like to see it in "person" so-to-speak.

Keep up the good work!


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Looks good, though the eye of the cyclone looks a little stark.

Will you be able to zoom down to the cyclone and find yourself in the middle of a storm?

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Looks great! How the hell do you get so much time?? Or are you so fast?

Next, volumetric cyclones with shadows please :).

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JohnMMena: no demo yet i'm afraid. And i have no plan to release one in the near future: there's so many things to do :)

poss74: i will work on the eye of the cyclone. And indeed you will be able to descend into the storm. I hope to do it with volumetric clouds/fog, if that's not too slow..

AP: i'm currently in a "motivated" phase, so i'm spending quite a large part of my free time working on it. Shadows of the clouds will be a problem. I was thinking of projecting them onto the ground (should work well), but self-shadowing of the cyclone is another story.. i'm not sure it can be done in real-time. I'll experiment one or two ideas though :)

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