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I just wrote a quick screensaver framework in about a half hour - dug up all the APIs, found how to configure the debugger for it (pass /s to launch in screensaver mode), found how to handle messages... then hooked it up to DirectX, found the stuff on device init, found the stuff on ATL COM smart pointers (which rock btw), got set up with some matrices and a d3dxmesh cube. It all works, I have a screensaver which draws a black unshaded box on a red backdrop now.

Tomorrow (erm, tonight) I'm going to hook in a .FX file and a proper mesh and get something worthwhile going. Something to challenge my GF7. It'll probably be slower work than tonight because I'll need to look up a load of techniques and stuff (and create textures/maps/content to feed to them). But it's all biscuits in the end.

It would be a really good idea if someone wrote a tool that let you write in an HLSL shader (a la EffectEdit / FX Composer), render it to a texture using a quad, and save out that texture to a file. Could be very handy for generating lookup textures and stuff quickly. Maybe I'll do it.
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