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Whoo, so I secured myself an artist for the project! We have the base sprite for the main character set in stone now, and we are now going to start working on his full range of movements. I'm so excited! More on all that, and definately some p1kt4rz tomorrow. For now, I wanna talk about...

GamesAreArt.com!! Whoo! Alright, so I've checked out this site, and I've decided it's what I've been looking for for the longest time. There's two things I like about it, the first being the discussions. They have alot of great philisophical topics ranging from higher mathimatics and it's implementation on game design to how game developments could be viewed as art and the true definition of art in a sense of grand media.

The second is the cause. It's what I've been thinking about for the longest time now... it's about time someone started a site promoting the idea that an independant game underground needs to have it's own little cultural revolution just like any other medium of expression that has come before it. I certainly hope the site gains enough interest to have a strong influence on the future of independant games.

So here is my request to everyone reading... go there! Join up, it's a free, no hastle membership that doesn't even require a confirmation email. Even if you have little interests in the subjects, contribute anyway! The more we help support this site, the more we can support the cause, and help gain them some ground. Think of it as a true service to the indie game community.

Thanks for reading... more on the project tomorrow!

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