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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone,

Well school starts for me tomorrow, so I may not be able to write as many detailed entries as often as I want, but I'll try and keep up.

I didn't do much today, although I fixed some annoying stuff that was bugging me.

First off, I'd like to show a screenshot of the new bullets that the flak units fire. I wasn't able to get the soldat style bullets working, but I think these will do for now.

I also got an explosion object working, but Mark's explosion drawing looked uncharacteristically (sp?) like crap, ergo, the explosions look like crap. Hopefully Mark can draw a good one, and we can add some oomph!!! to in game explosions.

Mark finished all of the Cuban Tileset, so he can move onto cooler stuff like the menu and tundra sets.

Well, it's getting late so I'll talk to you guys later. BTW, if you missed it, here's a link to my crappy low-res video of the current Angels 20 Weapons: Clicky

Angels 20 Feature WorkList
-An Actual Front-End Menu
-A Map of the Level on the HUD
-Good MIG AI
-Destructable Tiles
-A checklist of enemies on the level
-Repair Trucks that actually have to stop to repair stuff
-Ground Vehicles that can shoot at you
-More weapons (ie. Napalm, Cluster Bombs, etc)
-Fully Automatic Gun
-Forward Supply Bases
-More mission parameters (ie. timelimits , targets , etc)
-Random HUD Stuff

Dont Forget To Try Out The Newest Version Of Angels 20

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Great work, man! Looks like you're really crackin' down on the ol' feature worklist. Good luck!


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This game keeps making me late for work!
Great game (very hard though), keep it up!

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