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A Quick Word, If I May

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It's scenes like this which make me absolutely love Dungeon Siege 2 despite the absolutely horrific voice acting, and the relatively easy main quest. This game is some of the most mindless fun I've ever had. I'm hoping that the harder difficulties (which are achieved by beating the game once and importing the player from the first run-through for use in the "harder difficulty") will actually bring a challenge to the main quest though. So far the main quest has been pretty easy but, let me tell you, there are some sidequests that have monsters so tough and puzzles so hard that they will make you weep for the absence of said trivialities. The game is also surprisingly long, which makes me happy in places that shouldn't be allowed to feel emotion.

Also, and this is the only reference I'll ever make to good 'ol Jack, here's my official notice that I will make it my life's goal to recreate the bloody scene that can be seen in the above screenshot. I'm already working on my swordplay so that I may, in fact, enable my sword to spit blades of light in the direction of my Morden foes. So, and I'm just throwing this out there, you might as well just add those guys to your list of people harmed by my violent video-game urges.

Man, you should see how I've progressed on calling the spirits of fire, lightning, ice, and, yes that's right, death to possess my steely blade so that I might inflict elemental damage on all those who oppose me. My command of the elements is a damn spectacle that you should bow your head as to avoid instant death at the sight of my hyper-focused retinas aimed in your direction.

That's right. Hyper-focused.
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