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That last entry wasn't too inspiring was it, yeah it was a bad day, but things have got a lot better since!

This isn't my primary blog, I do plan on just keeping this one as a dev diary but I've let emotion creep in to this one and tech has def creeped in to the other one.

My contest entry... well I've not worked on it directly, I've gone off on one creating an audio frame work around OpenAL... but abstracting it far enough that you could probably write classes for other audio frameworks for it to use too.

I plan on finishing off the audio framework within the next couple of weeks... well finish it enough to actually use it anyway. Once the contest is over if I think its good enough I'll tidy it up and reveal the source. I've put many hours in to it, more then I care to admit. Been a good learning experience so far though.

As far as day job goes, my ethuasm for it is creeping back too.
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