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The new hotness

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I'm taking a break from vehicle AI programming *shudders* to put some of the new cars into the game...here's some screenshots:

The "corvette looking car" doesn't look very different in these screenshots...but it has a totally redone rear end, a slightly new front end, and huge hood scoops, plus it's a rear engine car, you can see the engine through the rear window.

Pretty much working 24/7 to get some "gameplay" in here, I'm still not quite at beta status....I'm hoping to have my first beta version be the version I submit to the IGF.

Close to 2 years in the works, and still not beta...that's what I get for choosing such an ambitious project :-D

I'll have the rest of the new cars into the game tommorow...I'll have close to 30 vehicles in the final version :-O

I'm also planning to wrap up the vehicle/traffic AI tommorow.

4 AM....need, sleep

- Dan
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Great looking cars man! So, can we get the Ferrari Modena in there somewhere? THATS a true gangsta get away car!

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That looks outstanding man!

What are you using to create the models? They look bad ass!

Keep up the good work!

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Just watch out for law suits, I would make sure to put a disclaimer in the packaging for this game to make sure that if someone kills someone else ten years after your game is released, that your game can't be blamed for it. Oh and make sure you warn of seizures as well, there sure are a lot of opportunistic ass holes out there.

Those cars do look awesome, I can't wait to play this game.

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Please remove any sex scenes from the game as well. Don't just remove the entry point.

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Dang, you made the corv-arri before I did :P

I once started a model that looked like a corvette and ferrari, but I see you have beaten me to it :) (with the rear engine and scoops)

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