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Ha ha

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Well my sanity aside, I'm seemingly getting focused again. A partner of mine recently quit his day job to concentrate on games and comics full time. I've been in contact with him for three years now, and we've had a lot of great ideas, but they never seemed to get off the ground in the past. It is my hope that with his full attention that will now change. It's been as much my fault as any one as to why these projects have lacked progress in the past, but I'm finally getting settled into my new job, as well as getting some decent content created so we will have to see where things go.

Not really much else to say, I've been working a shit load, and well sleeping. My bodies having to get used to all the manual labor I've been doing, and lately I've just felt drained. I can already tell that the exhaustion is starting to disapate and I actually am starting to feel better all around. That may have to do with the fact that I'm no longer binge drinking too, but no that couldn't be it. I guess that's the great thing about being a twenty something year old. When ever you feel lost or out of place, you can grab a few cases of beer for a few months, and it seems almost expected in our culture, kind of sad really, where the rest of world drinks their entire lives, but does more so without the excessiveness. I suppose it comes down to each individual though.

A few weeks ago I compiled a bunch of gaming trivia for C.F.L.'s battle system, at that point in time, I found out that Atari was responsible for the creation of Chuch E Cheese's. I grew up where there was Showbiz Pizza, in the South, atleast until I was thirteen anyways, and I always thought they were the same place, except marketed differently to cater to the different cultures. Billy Bob the Bear for the Southerner's, a ho down Jug blowin bear, hopped up on moonshine. For the rest of the country, Mice like cheese. I never even made the connection that they were competitors even when ShowBiz became Chuck E Cheese's in the late eightees. I always thought I was a bright kid, I guess I didn't have much business sense when I was eight though.

Thank you Atari for games and pizza, two of my most favoritess things.
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