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Day 3

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Still racing along =D

The decision to submit to the IGF is potentially one of the best motivators I could have asked for. I work extreamly well under tight deadlines.

So, the Cinematic engine is done now, it's .cine files are expressed in XML.

It allows defenition of content layers (images, text, sound), and a number of keyframes for each layer.

the layer properties are tweened using linear interpolation(might add easing if there is time and need).

each loaded Cinematic has a frames per second value, which determines how many frames per second should pass. this is used in conjunction with the engine to produce time-based motion, and is very useful when 'screening' the video, so that i dont have to sit through the whole sha-bang each time.

so now i just need to put together the intro, thankfully it is all down on paper and the graphics have been prepared for a long time.

the only challenges will be to get the timing and transitions right, as well as what music should be used.

the credits will also be done in this form, likely the primary credits will come first, and then a scrolling list of secondary credits.

On Testing:

The primary tester for MW of late has been ildave1(awesome guy!), and we have come to the conclusion that the begining of the game is bug free. The latter parts of the games have shown some bugs, but i've worked to fix those, so our next testing session (hopefully saturday) will prove they are fixed.

Onward! We march to victory!
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Saturday Indeed! Ready for another 10 hour bash fest! LOL.

Yeah. The beginning of the game is -very- smoothly done, as where the end is, well, buggy. :) But, you did fix the problems in the later part of the game. So other then that, the game is in great shape!

Keep up the great work!

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Heh heh. While I'm on the expo floor grabbing hundreds of dollars worth of freebies, you'll be standing in front of a booth.

That's good. I need someone new to abuse at the GDC. TANS and Penton aren't showing up anymore.

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I look forward to meeting you =D
Hopefully I become a finalist so I can =D
(though I am considering doing it anyway even if we don't win $_$)

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