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Back from vacation and feeling refreshed. Everyone had a week off to tend to some different things. But now we're all back and working on the game again.

I'm not sure if the artist is going to have the time to work on the project. The thought of having to find another artist for the project is not a pleasant one. Programmers are easy to replace because there is one around every corner. Artists are a different story. In the meantime we're using place holder art for testing.

I'm working on a profit sharing plan and making sure the tasks are broken down appropriately. A lot of re-review of the design and project plan happening.

The programmers are working on the background system, the menu system, and the scripting systems. The first two should be completed by Friday, then the scripting system in a couple of weeks.

Things are moving again. This is fun stuff.
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Programmers are easy to replace because there is one around every corner.

Good programmers are hard to find. It's insanely easy to get stuck with someone who says all the right things, meshes well with everyone, is absolutely charming and professional, and can't code his way out of a box.

Finding good people is hard, period. Finding good programmers is actually harder, in my opinion, because of the number of bad ones you have to see and sift through to get to them.

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