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Mutter mutter

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Evil Steve


Well, I don't really have anything remotely exciting to say here, this is more of a bump than anything :P

Over the past uhh... 6 months or so, I've had about 4 people phoning me up about jobs. Then over this past week I've had 3 people phoning me up about jobs. How queer.
One of them is in Glasgow, one in Nottingham, and one in Northamptonshire. The Glasgow job is working for the SQA, doing Java development, and the other two are C/C++ jobs.
So I've applied for all three, but have yet to hear anything back from them.

In other news, I've decided to attempt my MMORPG again, but with different stuff. I have a (rather flaky) design document I'm working on, but it's far from complete.
THe main thing about this MMORPG, is that there won't be any real jobs in it. Any player can learn any skill, so long as they have the required attributes. So you could have a high-strength wizard, or a high-int warrior for instance. For example, "Power Strike" in Maple Story is a warrior skill that uses up 12mp and causes you to swing at an enemy doing up to 260% your normal damage damage against it. The same skill in my MMORPG might require 50 strength and 5 int, so the skill would be geared towards warriors, but wizards could also learn it, so long as they have at least 50 strength.

Anyway, as I said - I'm still working on it, and these are just random ideas...

In other news, my GDNet+ subscription runs out tomorrow, and since I changed my debit card, Paypal decided to cancel my subscription. Melissa said she might have fixed it by setting my account to recurring, so we'll find out tomorrow (or the day after) I suppose.
So I might not be posting stuff in my journal tomorrow :P

Also, my warning level has gone. Whee! Note to self: Don't talk about the Family Guy Movie in future...
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