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Rob Loach


As some people's expiry for GDNet+ is coming up, I figured I'd make a journal post before my ability to add journal posts mysteriously disappears (GDNet-). Will I renew my membership? I don't know, I'll need to think it over. I've just been ntoo busy lately with work ad everything.

jendave has taken me on as a developer for SDL.NET. I've been mainly working with backend timing and audio features. It really is an amazing library and is quickly growing. The .NET Framework just makes it that much more powerful.

Well, I should be off. Depending on how the situation with GDNet+ and outside work goes, you may or may not see me around for another long while. I was hired at another camp for disabled kids as a personal care attendant.

Random Interest

Lion vs Hyena
Watch the whole thing. The end is awesome.
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Meh, renew it. It's a piddly amount and I for one enjoy reading your journal, even as scarcely as you update it. If you don't, the "Rob Loaches Post of the Momment" award become nothingness *sniff sniff*

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No, Rob, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't leave us Rob, we need you... I need you...

Look, I don't use GameDev much anymore either, but I've got it so that it automagically deducts money every time it needs to be renewed, so I don't have to even worry about it, yet I still have all of the evil gdnet+ powers immaginable. And it's hardly hitting my wallet at all :)

Don't give in to fear, fear leads to.. oh screw it, dood, just keep your GDNet+ and let us hear from you from time to time through your journal. Don't pull a h_o_p_s on me, I don't think I can take that again *cries*

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