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Stephen R


Here is what I learned today:

Alchohol == Good.
More Alchohol == Better.

Which is slightly different from what I was thought:

Alchohol == Evil.
More Alcholhol == Eternal Damnation in Hell.
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I must disagree. From drinking wines that my grandparents think taste great (1), which I think taste like shit. And from drinking enough hards to get throwup and think its a good idea to play soccer even though you can't walk straight amount of alchol (2). I have decided that alcohol sucks.

(1)Wine ==Alchohol
(2)Hards ==More Alchol

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Well I'm going to see what happens - which for now is going to involve getting to know these fine liquors.

And I just realised that some of my relatives sometimes pop by this journal. So if you are related to me in anyway, this entire post has been one huge joke. If not, then I couldn't be more serious.

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Just stay away from Gin. Be careful too. One night of lost memory can be a really scary thing. Other than that I like it too. [smile]

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Sorry but isn't it "alcohol" not "alchohol"?

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Alcohol == GOOD
More Alcohol == BETTER
Too much alcohol == PRETTY BAD.

I like getting the occasional buzz, but I really don't enjoy not being able to sleep because the whole world is spinning and there is no chance for a gimbal lock anytime soon. Moreover, I detest puking as a result of the spinning...

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