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GTL Part 3.5 : Alpha 2 release

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Once again at the request of Rick Appleton I've uploaded an update code base.


It comes with much the same 'work in progress' notice at the last version, requires Boost1.33 (now released iirc, so go download if you dont have it) and now has a (mostly) working JPG decoder.

Currently there is no direction switching logic, as such I belive the bmp and jpg decompressed images are going to come out upside down with respect to each other, but hey, this is the 2nd alpha, what do you expect? [grin]

Tester program is included, although due to interal lib useage best of making your own. Two test images are also included.

The lib its self compiles in all the code it requires from libjpg-6b as such it produces a stand alone library (as I promised in a forum post).

Tomorrow, unless I get a better offer, I'll be getting down to work on the PNG decoder (I would have done it tonight but said better offer turned up,heh)
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Well, it took me a whole 3 minutes to get the library compiled into a new project of my own. Unfortunately, since I hadn't built Boost, the linker crapped out on me. Will try again this evening.

I've taken a quick look through the code, but since I'm not familiar with Boost::iostreams yet, I'll need to take a few more looks :D

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Well, I've tried to install boost, but wasn't lucky. Probably due to me using the VCExpress Beta.

However, I've been able to get my own JPG loading working now, and I do have some tips for your code. I'm going to take another good look tomorrow and see if I really can't get boost working.

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