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Level Backgrounds...check

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I tossed in editor support for picking a level background and then the game engine support to draw it. All I need now is a score counter and I'd have a very basic shell of a game! After which of course comes the fun part...polish & eye-candy (the fun parts).

I started implementing support to stream OggVorbis files using OpenAL and then I found a fantastic article with a working implementation along side it:


A great read for those who are looking for a totally free sound solution (i.e not FMOD).

I'm going to spend tonight integrating the class that the author wrote into my framework and perhaps put some fade in/out capabilities into it as well to make transitioning better. I've got a host of things I can run with after the music starts cranking:

- in-game console (I already have this coded in my core library, just need to integrate it).
- Particle Effects
- Animated sprite system
- Proceedural textures (CPU & GPU generated)
- 3D level backgrounds/scene
- Tighter collision (i.e. sphere to rectagle instead of rect to rect)
- Power up/down system
- Bonus point system
- Level timer
- Score tracking/display
- "lives" tracking/display
- pre/post game menus (incluing a game state system)
- In-game pause
- High score system
- Level 'packs'
- Install program for the entire lot (need this before I do any demos...)

This morning I also integrated both full and windowed screenshot taking capabilities into my core graphics library. To test it out, here is a screenie of the game as it is now. Sorry for the HORRID graphics...sooner or later I'll get my buddy to make some good block, background, and border textures.

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