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Questions, comments, concerns?

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Alright, I feel like I've accomplished enough to merit writing in my journal. I'd also like to get some feedback on some design thoughts I have.

The scenario:

Working on a little dungeon crawling project with a forced perspective (psuedo isometric). What I'm attempting to do is use a series of meshes to represent the world, connected by portals. When a world mesh is present in the scene, it's subdivided by a quadtree. Each quad node holds an index array for rendering that chunk of the world.

The choices:
My first thought is to provide a 2d collision proxy which represents the collidable floor of the dungeon. The other alternative is to use the world geometry. The 2d proxy would probably be faster since it would contian less triangles.

The path:
I've got a Maya exporter to handle all my pre-processing needs, so I can generate the 2d geometry at export time. With that in mind I could also define a world file structure to arrange all the world mesh/portal data beforehand.

The rest:
One thing I'm still a little fuzzy on is how to handle the actual collisions themselves. Not the testing mind you, but how to relate the current triangle of collision to it's neighbors. I guess you'd say I need a little advice on how best to handle the grouping and testing of the world geometry.

Again, feedback is very much welcome and in fact, encouraged :)

Schmedly - out
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Recommended Comments

Thanks for that, although it's not really necessary!....and remember, we'll all be looking forward to piccies, thoughts, work processess etc from your journal :)

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Welcome to journal land Schmedly!! Pretty cozy place we have around here and it sounds like you have an interesting project going, can't wait to read up on more of it.

Well, honorary RATE+ for you my friend, and until next time! Bu bye.

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Here's at least an idea of what the theme/view looks like.


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SHMEDLEY?!?! RAPE PLUS PLUS! (But... I've already rated you, so really, I can't, just pretend like I can). It's about time you started posting in your journal!


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Welcome to Journal Land indeed, and I'm suprised I didn't get to you first. Rate++ all the way, man. Maybe if you're chill enough, you'll get to roll with my crew. Ha ha haaa... just kidding... but no, really.

If you want your journal to be popular, here are the three keys...

Post lots of pictars. Nobody wants to read your stuff w1th0ut teh p1kt4rZ!

Post alot about whatever project you're involved with. Try to give people insight as to the details of what you are doing while using as little code as possible. Remember, this is a journal, not a tutorial.

It's alright to get personal, and even be liberal about talking about the many details of your life. I know I do. But remember, nobody wants to sit back and load 20 pictures of you and your sister's boyfriend with dreadlocks pretending to eat a cat and trying to pass the dude off as yourself (little nudge, you know who you are... kidding, you're my main man) in dire hopes that you'll write a few sentances about your game project. Especially if you're new to the crew, cause (to be blunt) no one realy cares enough about you yet ;D.

Anyhow, a sincere welcome, and have a great time!


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My welcomes too :). Have a rating cookie.

Have fun here, and yes, these guys know what their talking about. We need pictures to tame our game-induced ADD minds.

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