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Day 4

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Last night I met with Shoe String Games, as ususal, so it took a big chunk of my time =/

However I was up till about 1:30 working on things and got a good amount acomplished.

New Cursor!

Inspired by John Hattan's strict sense of (make games less confusing), I have replaced MW's sword cursor, with an arrow cursor, which glows when over an in-game object.

nice eh?

Cinematic News

So last night I finished the first itteration of the cinematic, took a long time to do, because the cinematic is pretty long =/

but, thus far it looks good, and should work fine once i add in the proper background music.

The cinematic engine still lacks full integration to the game engine (it is a stand-alone component at the moment) but this will change tonight =D

So here are my goals for tonight:

  • Finish the Intro Cinematic (medium, almost done)
  • Do the company cinematic (easy, single graphic and audio)
  • Do the credits cinematic (medium, mostly text and audio)
  • Integrate the Cinematic class into the engine, for easy usage.

    that should keep me nice and busy =D
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    Much better cursor. The sword cursor kept making me think I needed to point it at people that were to be killed. The plain cursor makes it clear that it's just a cursor.

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