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So I finally managed to transition my codebase (all 35,000 lines and 110 files) from narrow to wide characters. Wasn't too painful I suppose, and there are a few odd little things left to do... but I was happy enough to hit the "play" button and see:

(Click To Enlarge)

Curiously though, I've managed to cause 2 interesting problems:
1 The program no longer compiles under the "Release" profile.
2 I've now got 2000 lines of (ERROR) messages from Direct3D.

And I've also introduced an annoying slow-down such that the game is no longer real-time when debugging information is enabled. Writing all the text to a log-file (+unicode conversion) is really hurting the performance [headshake]

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If you're certain writing to a text-file is what's slowing you down (i.e. profiler said so), buffering could help tremendously.

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Yeah, it was definitely writing the text file... I completely hacked it together along the lines of "get it right then get it tight" [smile]

Profiling the "bad" one gave me ~45ms/entry ([oh]) and the improved one I put in this morning costs a mere ~3ms/entry [grin]


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