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Flash for UI greatness!

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I have it on good authority that not only will attempting to use SDL to do 2D graphics over top of OGRE will not work, but even if it did would be incredibly sloppy and slow.

Rather, now I'm thinking about doing the user interface with Flash, and using GameSWF and another person's plugin to render to a texture that I can then manipulate to fit in with my ideas for the interface. I'm also thinking that a binder might do better than just a clipboard, and have the pages wave as they turn between different UI panels.

I'd rather hand-manipulate the textures for the console text, but if GameSWF's ActionScript support improves and the game's window size reported I should be able to adjust things so that text stays at the same size in pixels regardless (so higher resolutions can show more text).

I'm reworking my console idea. Rather than have full classes to be registered for cvars, the cvar list will simply be managed by the the console class, and handlers, if wanted, can be provided as a function pointer or a functor. Similarily, commands will be registered as functors, and have either argc/argv or a list of strings.
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