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Well this is why I get impatient. . I was on a roll. . nothing could stop me. . . then a problem came up that I couldnt solve, try as I might. .. OK no worries. . I'll get on the GD.net forums and someone there will answer...


I'm losing patience FAST. . . this is why I always gave up before . .. when you're in **---THE ZONE---** you cant just stay in **---THE ZONE---** while you sit around waiting for someone to answer your question .. sure. . its only been say. . . 15 minutes. . .but I mean . . thats it. . I might not get any more work done for the rest of the day now. . .

ARRRGGHH! *eye twitches like a mad-man*

I'll just sit on the forum pressing refresh till someone answers my question...

If you think you can help:

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