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Well it's passing the unit tests I've set so far for it. Yep that sound director audio framework using openal works. A program using the dll need not include any openal or ogg include files, as it's all nice and abstract. It now buffers ogg files completely in memory or streams from them. Plus exposes all the stuff you need to position a source in 3d space... not done the listener yet.

When that's all done I'll see if I can figure out making it even easier to use, and then I'll extend it to as seemlessly as possible intergrate with Ogre3d. That way it should be possible to associate sounds with a scene node, and when you move about a model you move about it's associated sounds.

When that's done I can get back to programming the game proper again, as I'm happy with the rest of frameworks and tools available too me, made by me or not.

At some point in the next couple of weeks I probably wouldn't mind any C++ heads out there to give my framework a bash. Register your interest below :-)
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