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Soooo a week without updates...

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Sorry guys (if anyone actually bothers following this!), I've basically spent the last week battling with Linux to get several useful things setup for the office. Bad excuse but I will (maybe) get something about EIEF up over the weekend.

So what did I setup, well after a bit of fiddling about I settled on installing Debian. The net_inst CD is pretty damn sweet and very easy to configure and install packages from. It also gives you a very basic configuration which for a server and Linux is ideal. Less is more and all that. After that a quick shufty through aptitude and Apache2, PHP4, MySQL, and Subversion were installed. A short bit of configuration later, wrestling with many bits of obtuse documentation and everything is working hunky dory. Now our little office has proper source control, its own development Wiki that seems to have taken a life of its own very quickly and for the future I intend to implement an automated build and testing system on the Linux box so that we can make builds and test them overnight. Duh!

Other than that its been pretty quiet except for a bit of design type stuff and the other coder having a cracking hangover today after partying a little too hard at the Dare to be Digital awards ceremony.
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if anyone actually bothers following this!
I don't [grin].

It's good you didn't update when I was on vacation. Thanks for being so considerate.

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