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huzzah! I was planning to get gd+ activated when my current project was ready to distribute, but that's taking a while. And I felt like getting started with the dev journal.

First, complaint #1. Why in the world does it take 3 DAYS to get gdnet+ activated? Come on guys. This is the internet. This is 2005. I want INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Get on board the information superhighway!!
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Well, I think PayPal is to blame for the 3 days. That's how long it took for my bank transfer to be "confirmed". Once it was confirmed, I think the activation was instant. So I guess it might not be GDNet's fault, but something is definitely going wrong somewhere.

And thanks for the welcome! =)

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I joined gdnet+ a couple of days ago using paypal. It was effective immediately. I suspect that you are right and it was more to do with the confirmation of your bank account.

Welcome to the fold [smile]

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