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I emerge blinking into the light

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After a couple of days futzing with Dreamweaver templates and cascading stylesheets, I finally got The Code Zone website into more manageable shape. It's now fully stylesheeted and templated so it should be a little easier to update. Some parts are more complete than others. The retail and licensing sections (game box and pie) are basically complete.

I've also got a Flash menu at the top. I originally had it working like the Mac OSX object dock, but I found it to be annoying watching the things slide around like that, so I went with just having the icons "boing" a bit when you mouse over 'em.

Check those tweening classes I mentioned a couple of weeks ago for the technique. Making 'em do that took literally two lines of code.

I also punched up the look a bit. It's not anything groundbreaking, but it's simple and doesn't look hideous.

check it out and lemme know if you see anything horrible. It looks fine in the latest IE and Firefox.
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I like it. The menu system looks nice and easy to use. It's about damn time you did something with that site. [wink]

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