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Slow & Steady. .. .. slow and f*&^kin steady

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Well this morning I figured out where I was going wrong with loading a bitmap into directX, thanks to MikeWW for modifying my code a little. .
I went back over and got my version to work too . . I think I see where the problem is coming from..

Anyway . . now that that's done pretty much nothing except for user input and the actual game code stands in my way of a tetris clone! Hooray. . I feel like i'm achieving something monumental here :P

I suppose I'd better get down to it and figure out the structure of my program now .. i cant just fit the whole game into the render function. . . . or can I?


"I'll get you next time gadget! Mwahahahahahahahahaha"

PS: My dad rang me this morning (I live at my mum's place)
and told me that our cat died :(
He'd been run over a week or so ago, and they found him in the hospital - All signs were pointing to him being OK, and theyd taken him home and everything, then he died one day while they were out. :(
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